Thursday, 3 June 2010

Etsy Finds - We all scream for ice cream!

Well summertime has well and truly arrived in Devon, we're hoping that it will be an 'ice cream' summer and my garden may actually stand a chance this year!

Speaking of ice cream, I saw a link from Cute Designs earlier on my Twitter feed for an adorable Amigurumi ice cream which inspired me to hunt around Etsy for some other sweet treats!

Tutti Fruity Ice Cream Tee or Diaper Shirt Vintage Silverware Ice Cream Spoon by WoodenHive on Etsy
Amigurumi Kawaii Chocolate Brown Ice-Cream by CuteDesigns on Etsy Gimme a Scoop Ice Cream Cameo Necklace by Glamasaurus on Etsy
Triple Scoop Friends Necklace by marymaryhandmade on Etsy Carnival Cone Clips by FiveSisterzShop on Etsy

Enjoy! (and make mine a 99!)


  1. i so want that glamasaurus necklace! great picks! =)

  2. I love these ice cream picks. I want to collect them all like pokemon!

    Thanks so much for including my ice cream cameo!

  3. Aw well I'm glad to have given you the inspiration and thank you so much for including my little ice cream. Love these picks too.

    Looks like another hot day out there, more ice cream wanted! :D

  4. Yes, it's going to be a warm one today so lots of ice cream needed :-D

  5. Oh my! Those are all so cute! I'd nibble on the Glamasaurus necklace for sure!

  6. So cute, love me some ice cream! :D