Wednesday, 4 February 2009


So, I've had a really positive couple of days business wise. Me and hubby's mate Dan popped over last night who is a software developer (I think...) and it knowledgeable in all things 'web'. Needless to say setting up the online shop for selling my wares is rather a steep learning curve but very exciting nonetheless. Lots of talk of Google Analytics and metatags and optimisation and lots of blank expressions on my face.

I have been finishing my first set of designs over the past couple of days, some folksy-style Russian dolls, in varying sizes and patterns. I think primarily I will be concentrating on designing and making clear unmounted rubber stamps to start off with, business-wise. I've been looking into the start up costs and they aren't too high and making the stamps myself means I'm not tied down to large minimum orders from suppliers etc etc.

Anyway, better get back to the light box, these designs don't draw themselves :-)

Monday, 2 February 2009

It begins...

Well I thought I would start one of these blog thingies as a kind of diary to document the start (hopefully!) of my business and of day to day goings on in the family as my memory is so blinking awful!

I'm sat at home with a poorly Eddie who decided to throw up all over himself en route to nursery and we are gradually watching our way through the Disney Pixar back catalogue, just for a change...

A bit of background on my current situation, I've just found out that it is pretty likely I will be made redundant from my current part time job. I've been there since leaving uni and to be honest this is probably the kick up the bum I've needed to actually use my degree and have a job I might actually enjoy. So following my love of design and card making I have started to go into business making and designing my own rubber stamps. The start up costs are remarkably cheap and I have lots of unique and rather funky ideas up my sleeve, so watch this space :-)