Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Etsy Picks - Star Wars

With hindsite I should have done this selection on May the 4th (...be with you) but after being inspired by a post on the Domestic Sluttery blog today, I thought I'd rustle up a selection of Star Wars themed items from Etsy.

Star Wars reigns supreme in the Skull and Cross Buns household, my youngest insists on going to bed clutching his Lego minifig of Luke Skywalker plus lightsaber every night and I'm often serenaded of a morning by both boys singing the Imperial March at full volume...

Anyway... onto the selection!

Dark Lord, Darth Vader Portrait Plate - Altered Antique Plate - BeatUpCreations on Etsy DISCO TROOPER - 8x10 Archival Giclee Print - It Might Be the Night Fever - UrbanSplendor on Etsy
STAR WARS Crayons--2nd Chance Crayons--birthday party favors--- maxandmeena on Etsy Star Wars PRINCESS LEIA iPhone / iTouch / iPod Case - gogogadgets on Etsy
RTG - STAR WARS vendor - craft APRON PoppysGardenGate on Etsy Pug Jedi dog art print - rubenacker on Etsy

Enjoy ;-)


  1. Oooooh, I just had a geekgasm!! I love all of those! Especially the Leia pouch!!

  2. pmsl @ Geekgasm... I'm so stealing that phrase ;-)

  3. I'm in love with the Disco Trooper!!!
    Some great picks, thanks for entertaining my inner geek :D

  4. Love this stuff!! Those crayons are too cute to use!

  5. cute i just love those altered plates - i want the gizmo one!

  6. thanks everyone :)

    Those plates are fantastic, I see the Darth Vader one sold out already!