Thursday, 5 May 2011

Folksy Friday - Devonshire Delights

Right, now I'm getting back into the swing of blogging... back to doing my Folksy Fridays again!

For those not in the know a 'Folksy Friday' is a weekly selection of items found on the UK handmade sellers website Folksy which usually pops up in sellers blogs, Facebook pages etc to showcase some favourite items from other sellers in line with a theme, colour scheme, occasion and so on.  If you sell on Folksy there is a little feature on the basics of how to make your own on the Folksy blog and the all important (and highly acclaimed!) Haptree Mini Treasury Template which helps us bloggers make sense of the html stuff needed to make one!

Anyhooooo.... I thought I'd get some inspiration from a little closer to home this week and find some picks local to me in sunny ol' Devon. Enjoy!

Joie de Vivre - Dice Drop Earrings Devonly Crafts - Sock Cupcake
Lucky Lulu - Sailor Jerry inspired red felt Tattoo Heart brooch 'ROCK 'N' ROLL' Seaspray Handcrafted Jewellery & Gifts - Bride & Groom Wine Glass Charms
Original Soap Co - Organic Tea Tree & Fresh Mint Soap Ruby Ruby - Chicken and Egg Tea Cosy

1. Dice Drop Earrings by Joie de Vivre
2. Sock Cupcake by Devonly Crafts
3. Tattoo Heart Brooch by Lucky Lulu
4. Bride and Groom Wine Glass Charms by Seaspray
5. Organic Tea Tree and Fresh Mint Soap by Original Soap Co.
6. Chicken and Egg Tea Cosy by Ruby Ruby


  1. Some fun & funky items! :)

  2. Thanks! I've got my beady eyes on those shops now!

  3. That tea cosie is delightful!

  4. So colourful! - Great choices, I especially like the soap!

  5. Great selection, love the tea cosy.

  6. Thanks for posting the link to Haptrees template. It looks a bit scary but I may have a go next week.

  7. It's not too bad, scary looking at first but she's broken it down really simply so worth giving it a go!

  8. Hello! I'm so flattered you picked a Lucky Lulu brooch in your friday selection :D xxx

    Have a great weekend,
    Lou xx

  9. You're welcome Lou! Hope you have a nice weekend too :)

  10. Nice to see someone else liking the Sock Cupcake by Devonly, I think it is gr8. So sad to see the item is no longer available on Folksy.

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