Sunday, 27 September 2009

Birthday pressies and Etsy shop!

Thought I'd pop up a couple of pictures of some of my latest creations, some personalised stamps for my friend's kids for their recent birthdays... they went down rather well! I hadn't really thought of selling personalised ones before but the text wasn't actually too fiddly to do, so it might be an option.

This was a toadstool for the fairy mad Isobel...

and a super hero for 'Spidey' fan Ben!

I was especially pleased how Ben's came out and I've been constantly pestered since by my two to make them the same.

I've set up my Etsy shop finally ( and I'm just getting my first selection of stamps ready to sell and getting stupidly excited at the prospect!! Please have a nosey and let me know what you think so far :) You can always 'favourite' me in advance if you like ;-) Please check back early October, I'll be running a couple of special offers for the grand opening.

Right off to do yet more carving, hope you all had a great weekend...


  1. *claps* I've been waiting for you to start posting some new stamps :) At some point, I might pester you for a personalized stamp. Until then, get creating, lady! I hope you have some Halloween designs going into the Etsy shop next month.

  2. Pester away! I'm hoping to do a couple of Halloween stamps; there will certainly be plenty of skulls to choose from too as I can't stop carving them :-D

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