Saturday, 19 September 2009

Blows dust off blog...

Well it's been rather a long time since I last updated this so here goes!

After being made redundant in late March I pretty much went straight to work for another local mail order company, I love my new job!

Anyway, back to the stamps! Over the summer after experimentation and spending rather a lot of £, I was really struggling to get good results out of the polymer clear stamping kit. This was really frustrating as I had loads of great designs with now not much to do with them. I spent a bit of time searching the web for some inspiration and found a fantastic selection of pictures of hand carved rubber stamps on flickr and had a bit of an 'Eureka!' moment!!

Now the only real experience I had of hand carving before was doing Lino printing in secondary school using incredibly blunt and virtually prehistoric carving tools (our Art department was massively underfunded...) I sourced some cheap erasers and a basic carving kit and got some fairly good results and it was really nice to feel that I was getting back on track..

Fast forward to today and I'm almost ready to start selling! I've got some wooden blocks, some slightly better tools than the school ones (I bet they are still being used there now and still haven't been sharpened ;-) ), found which carving medium suits me best and lots of great designs under my belt. I'm faffing around on Gimp tonight to create my Etsy banner, so watch this space!

This picture is of some of my works in progress, let me know what you think!


  1. I've blown the dust off my blog too LOL! I'm not posting on there as much as I thought, though. Even I think my life is a little bit tedious from time to time ;-)

  2. pmsl, I know what you mean Nickie!

  3. How exciting. The stamps look pretty good to me. I remember lino carving from college and things weren't much better there either, lol. I did however really like the way they printed at the end of it, even though my fingers were rather sore.

    I hope it goes well for you.

    Luv Dee xxx

  4. Think they look pretty amazing!

    Sarah xxx

  5. was that to me or the blog though?...